Thursday, August 24, 2006

MP4nMore is Complete!

After two weeks, I have finally got my website, up and running! This website is meant to compliment this blog with reviews, resources and tips to all that is portable media. Right now, I am focuses on a few major aspects of portable media, primarily the places to get or buy content (such as MP3's and MP4's) that you play on your player. The website is separated out into three areas:

1) Unlimited MP3 or MP4 Download Programs - I go into what they are (basically, peer-to-peer file-sharing) and question why anyone would actually pay for this service. For one, you can get if for free if you want. And two, this still not legal. Click here to read the full report.

2) Music Share Programs - If you are looking for a legal and easy way to download content, music share programs are really what you should be doing. Right now, there are a handful of very good programs. They do require subscriptions, but for $15/month (a price of a CD), you can have access to limitless amounts of music...and it is legal. Click here to see the reviews of the programs.

3) Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Software - Since I am not going to convince many people that file-sharing can be illegal, I at least would prefer they spend their $30 on something useful like computer protection. File-sharing is notoriously brutal when in comes to infecting your machine. All anti-virus programs don't work the same, either. Click here to find out which programs work the best.

So I am very excited about the website and I have aimed to fill it will a lot of quality information and insight. People advertise a lot of things concerning MP3's and MP4's these days, but I have spent a lot of time determining what is real and what is a scam. Please check out my new website and provide comments to what you think!

- Matt